Subscription Services


Dine-In Dude Meal Delivery Service

• $29/month. 

• $100/Entire semester (Save 16 dollars, 4 month membership)

• 10% off every order, free delivery, advance menu access. 

( The 10% discount is automatically inputted in the menu!)

• Lasts until May 24th. 

Delivery will be from 11-5PM,

4-7:30PM BCS (Tuesday), and 1-7 for Austin (Friday)


Click the video to watch all of our awesome Spring semester updates! Here are a couple of key points:

Dine-In Dude subscription sign ups are back! If you’d like to sign up for $29 a month, that includes access to our menu and delivery.

Starting the week of Jan. 17, we are moving Dine-In Dude to a meal delivery subscription service. If you have a gift card and you’re not a subscriber, please email us upon ordering and we are happy to set up a portal for you to order from. Our email address is

Dine-In Dude deliveries will be in the Bryan College Station / Austin areas only, and San Antonio / Waco / Houston once a month. If you are a San Antonio, Waco, Houston subscribing customer, please stay tuned to your emails as we will be sending you more info directly.

Monthly subscriber menus will look a bit different this go around, with 4 main casseroles that you can order for any week during the month. Same format for our new keto/ gluten free / grain free bowls, as well as our new healthy on hand meal series. We will still have weekly chef special options that we all know and love, like salads, meal kits, soups, add ons.

NEW announcement time: introducing DUDE ON DEMAND! Chef Theo will be serving up hot orders on Wednesdays and Thursday’s in the BCS, hot and ready to order from the hours tentatively of 3-7 PM, available to order on demand (or pre order is fine too) and pick up curbside for now. Soon for this portion of Dudeland we will also be on Grub Hub for delivery. Gift cards will work for the pick up portion of Dude on Demand! The menu for Dude on Demand will look different than The Dine-In Dude menus, and we plan to have a soft opening sometime soon in January. Stay tuned!

Back to subscriptions, if you opted in for the $100 semester fee, January is free for you, and the sign up for the $100 semester fee will be at the end of January. We will be sending out emails about that at the end of the month. Otherwise, our $29 / month plan is ready for sign up if you prefer paying monthly. Please note - we will be off March 15 through the 19, and our subscriptions will run until May 24 for this semester.


Thank you so much!! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at and we are happy to help.