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Weekly Menu: September 28th


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Basic Membership (BCS, Austin, San Antonio)
Our basic membership plan is $30/month through December 31st and includes:
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10% every order / No delivery fee / Advance Menu for Meal Prep
Delivery Windows will be from 9am - 2pm, 3-7pm.
What's available on our subscriber menu?
~A family meal (full / half size)
~A Keto meal (full / half size)
~A Vegetarian meal (full / half size)
~A Chef’s weekly special
~Maybe a meal kit (food market depending)
~Peace Bowls (grain bowls / chef crafted bowls with protein options)
~Salads (with or without protein options; full and half sizes available)
~An add on of some sort (like a breakfast, hummus, a juice, something fun!)
~Collaborations with artisan companies / chefs (like Anna’s cookies and Renegade Muffinery Muffinz - these items will not be discounted)
What's on our General Public Menu?
~~ A Featured Meal (full and half sizes)
~~ A Keto Meal (full and half sizes)
~~ A Salad (with or without protein option, full and half sizes)
~~ Collabs