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The Dine-In Dude and Dude's Dogs!


Text chef Theo at anytime with the number 979-201-8767!


All About The Dine-In Dude Meal Delivery Service:

The Dine-In Dude ~ Texas-sized gourmet family meal service in Central Texas! This is a little bit about us for those who are new:

My name is Theo Burns, and I am a chef. I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue my passion: providing gourmet meals to families, and being able to cook what I love to make for my own family. The Dine-In Dude began in 2014 in McAllen, Texas, and was a concept that was birthed with the Dude’s famous Pad Thai. Upon a move to College Station to work for Levy Restaurants, The Dine-In Dude concept took a backseat during 3 very busy years. In Summer 2018, the idea was revisited, and was too much fun to pass up. It is now my full time job, and I am loving every minute of it. Cooking is my passion, and I love to be able to share a good meal and conversation with our community.

To get a better picture about what our food is all about, our instagram is loaded with past meals and pictures of delicious Dine-In Dude treats: www.instagram.com/TheDineinDude


All of our menu items are prepared in the Renegade Kitchen in Bryan, Texas. Our meals (except for the juices and salads) are delivered oven-ready, with instructions on the lids from a frozen state. If you do plan to heat your meal from a frozen state, please add about 25 degrees and an extra 20 minutes, or until the internal temp of your dish reaches 165 degrees.

 We offer a monthly menu with weekly chef specials to the Bryan / College Station area, as well as Austin and surrounding areas. 

 What’s on our menus?

 We have set monthly menu items that rotate each month, which include:

⭐️Family Meal Casseroles (in two sizes, 4 options a month)

⭐️Healthy on Hand Single Serving Meals (3 options a month)

 We also have weekly specials that change each weekly menu:

⚡️Fresh Salads

⚡️Fresh Soups / Juices (depending on the season)

⚡️Fully Cooked Meal Kits 

⚡️Add ons, like Hummus or Breakfast options

⚡️A Weekly Chef Special

⚡️Keto Bowls / Meals

 ~~ With $29 a month, you receive our items with free delivery, and with access to our Meal delivery side of Dine-In Dude.  There is also a pick up option curbside as well, if you work in town but live in another part of the Brazos Valley. 

~~ As of April 2021, our subscription service is now closed. However, we end this semester May 24th, and it will be open to the public again just in time for the summer months! We will be delivering in the BCS and Austin weekly, and possibly San Antonio again once or twice a month.

 ~~ Our monthly menus will be live at the start of each month, with the exclusion of February, which will be the second week of the month. Please note, we will be off the week of Spring Break (March 15-19), and we will also be wrapping up our subscriptions to make room for new food avenues this summer. We will be completed with the semester on May 24th, and the menu will then be open again to the public. For current subscribers for Spring 2021, you will have to sign back up for our subscription service when we bring it back in the Fall. 

~~ Our menus are available to order from with an email and password once subscribed through PayPal to our service. It’s a 2 step process, so once you do subscribe, you also will have to create an email address and password account in order to add items to your cart for our Dine-In Dude meal delivery. Each week’s menu will be live until 3 PM on Mondays, and then we will not be able to accept orders for that week so that we can begin to create your orders fresh in our kitchen. You are always welcome to reserve your orders in advance for each week! It will require payment at the time of check out. 

 ~~ If you are a gift card recipient, you will be able to access our menu and order with a registered email and password. Please email us so we can help you create your account at dineindude@gmail.com

 Our Dine-In Dude Delivery Schedule (when you receive the food!!) is:


 ✨Tuesday’s: Bryan / College Station deliveries from 11 - 5 PM, or we now have an afternoon delivery time from 4:30 PM - 7 PM. 

✨Tuesday’s: A Pick Up Option for everyone from 11 - 3 PM upon reservation at The Renegade Kitchen (2606 Texas Avenue, Bryan)

✨Wednesday's: Austin and surrounding area deliveries (Round Rock, Taylor, Pflugerville, Georgetown) from 12 - 7 PM

 ** Please note, due to special holiday menu weeks / events, the week before those menus, we may have a different flow of delivery. **


All About Dude's Dogs 🌭

Dude's Dogs is Chef Theo's new concept!! We have a weekly menu that goes live (and is open to the public in the BCS) on Fridays at NOON, with pick ups on Saturday from 12:30 - 6 PM upon reservation. Our pick up location is at Renegade Kitchen BCS. We are working towards opening a food truck hopefully during the summer months / at some point in 2021. For orders, all orders are reserved up front, some items do change weekly, and some items will stay the same. You can follow us on Twitter for more updates, our twitter account is www.twitter.com/DudesDogs 

As of right now, our Dine-In Dude gift cards are not for Dude's Dogs as we transition into this new journey, but if it changes, we will let everyone know! :) We are also working on finding the best vegetarian / vegan dog on the market. We are always open to suggestions! We hope to offer a few choices soon. We do have some not dog options, for example (they will rotate) this past week we had Lobster Mac and Cheese, A Korean Fried Chicken sandwich, and a spicy fruit cup. 

 Thanks for taking part in our journey! For all other inquiries, please email us at dineindude@gmail.com or text Chef Theo at 979.201.8767

Bon Appétit!