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Welcome to The Dine-in Dude

Text chef Theo at anytime with the number 979-201-8767!


Welcome to The Dine-In Dude; Texas-sized gourmet family meal catering in Central Texas! This is a little bit about us for those who are new:

My name is Theo Burns, and I am a chef. I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue my passion: providing gourmet meals to families, and being able to cook what I love to make for my own family. The Dine-In Dude began in 2014 in McAllen, Texas, and was a concept that was birthed with the Dude’s famous Pad Thai. Upon a move to College Station to work for Levy Restaurants, The Dine-In Dude concept took a backseat during 3 very busy years. In Summer 2018, the idea was revisited, and was too much fun to pass up. It is now my full time job, and I am loving every minute of it. Cooking is my passion, and I love to be able to share a good meal and conversation with our community.

To get a better picture about what our food is all about, our instagram is loaded with past meals and pictures of delicious Dine-In Dude treats: www.instagram.com/TheDineinDude


All of our menu items are prepared in the Renegade Kitchen in Bryan, Texas. Our meals (except for the juices and salads) are delivered oven-ready, with instructions on the lids from a frozen state. If you do plan to heat your meal from a frozen state, please add about 25 degrees and an extra 20 minutes, or until the internal temp of your dish reaches 165 degrees.

 We offer one menu a week for Bryan College Station, Austin, Waco, and San Antonio with the following variables:
⚡️Full sized regular meals (5-6 servings)

⚡️Half sized regular meals (3+ servings)

⚡️Full sized keto meals (5-6 servings)

⚡️Half sized keto meals (3+ servings)

⚡️Salads with or without a protein option

⚡️Sometimes an add on of something fun, like a breakfast, a kids meal, sliders, etc.

⚡️Right now, we are offering $5 delivery, and at least one item on sale a week! We are also so excited to be partnering with Anna's Bakery (my sister’s cookie company!), The Renegade Muffinery, and other wonderful local businesses to offer some Texas local goods on our menu for our clientele to try. 

Our menu goes live on Friday, and it will stay open for reservations until Monday. You can locate our menu at www.thedineindude.com or by text to your phone. 


Our delivery schedule (when you receive the food!!) is:


Wednesday’s: Bryan / College Station deliveries from 11 - 5 PM, or we now have an afternoon delivery time from 4:30 PM - 7 PM. 

Wednesday’s: A Pick Up Option for everyone from 11 - 3 PM upon reservation at The Renegade Kitchen (2606 Texas Avenue, Bryan)

Thursday’s: Austin, San Antonio, and Waco deliveries from 12 - 7 PM & San Antonio Pickup from 3-4 PM in Alamo Heights / The Quarry.

If you’d like to have the menu texted to you, please text the word DUDEFOOD to the number 91096 and we will send you an update when our menus are live.

Thanks for taking part in our journey! For all other inquiries, please email us at dineindude@gmail.com

Bon Appétit!